35 W – Project Update

Located in the High Park-Swansea community, 35W resides in one of the most sought out neighbourhoods in all of Toronto, due to its close-knit community feel and proximity to Lake Ontario. As a second position mortgage, your investment is funding the renovation of a former bungalow into a three-storey, custom-build single-family home.

Despite Covid-19 labour and supply shortages, 35W is pleasantly ahead of schedule in regards to its projected construction and development timeline. Well into the construction phase, the HVAC, plumbing, and drainage is now fully complete for 35W, and the brickwork is nearing completion as well. As the build progresses, the coming weeks will consist of finalizing the drywall contracts, completing electrical rough-ins, and selecting finishes for the home.

To view the current status of the 35W build, please watch the short video we have prepared:

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