Fundscraper is launching an investment opportunity (the “Offering”) designed to empower almost any adult Canadian to be an investor secured by real estate hard assets. The Offering is a fresh innovative investment vehicle called Fundscraper Property Trust (the“FPT”) born out of a first of kind Canadian Offering Memorandum ( the “OM”). This easy to read Summary is intended, in a nutshell, to inform you what FPT is all about.


Fundscraper is a leading online platform that facilitates direct private investments by qualified investors into an array of real estate-based products with attractive returns usually reserved for institutions or well-heeled, connected investors.
Fundscraper is an Exempt Market Dealer and Mortgage Brokerage strictly regulated by Government. It employs cutting edge technology and best of practice compliance standards. The Fundscraper team is comprised of seasoned experts who underwrite each deal and make every effort to ensure any given investment is suitable for you.


FPT is dedicated to making real estate investing easy and accessible to everyone by opening private markets not generally available to a vast majority of investors. Investing together alongside the Fundscraper investor community.


We start with the OM, which is a disclosure document intended to describe the business and affairs of Fundscraper and the terms of the security being distributed as to assist investor decision making. The OM allows for the lawful distribution of securities as exempt from prospectus requirements.
In accord with the OM, the FPT has been established, with Fundscraper Trustee Inc. as the trustee, with the purpose of issuing trust units (the “Units”).

The highlights of these securities are:

(i) The Units will be issued in Classes related to corresponding classes of limited partnership units (the “LP Units”) issued by Fundscraper Property Trust LP. This limited partnership will, as is usual in the industry, be run on an everyday basis by a General Partner (Fundscraper GP Inc.). The FPT will be a limited partner.

(ii) Each Class of LP Units has a matching asset pool of mortgages. The particulars of any such opportunity, including for example the underlying nature of the security, interest rate, term and closing date, will be detailed in a separate document (the “Posting Supplement”) issued for your review from time to time as part of the OM. We anticipate there will be a variety of secured mortgage asset pools appealing to different risk appetites with escalating yields – ranging from conservative to middle of the road to adventuresome.

(iii) Distributions under the Units are made as per the Posting Supplement. Units are generally redeemable at intervals subject to notice requirements and in some cases limits and restrictions set out in any Posting Supplement and the OM.

(iv) Units may be purchased exclusively through Fundscraper’s online Platform based on payment terms specified in any Posting Supplement.

(v) The Units will be sold exclusively by Fundscraper Capital Inc, an Exempt Market Dealer registered in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

(vi) There are resale restrictions for an indefinite period.

(vii) An investor purchases their Unit based upon the Terms and Conditions of Subscription governing the terms of the investment. Any purchaser has 2 business days to cancel a subscription.


While there are a plethora of ways to invest in real estate (for example MIC’s, REITS and private syndicates), here’s why Fundscraper is different and should be at the top of your list.

(i) Fundscraper’s OM is the first of its kind in Canada opening private markets to a vast majority of Canadian investors.

(ii) The Fundscraper Platform is unique – fully automated.

(iii) Fundscraper, unlike some competitors, is governed by and complies with strict governmental laws and regulations, in particular the scrutiny of the Ontario Securities Commission and the Ontario Financial Services Regulatory Authority as well as the various regulatory bodies in those jurisdictions in which it is licensed to carry on business.

(iv) Fundscraper’s highly experienced team does much of your heavy lifting and underwrites each deal with the same level of care and sophistication of institutional investors.

(v) Fundscraper offers a real concierge desk to help you every step of the way to participate in the FPT.

(vi) Fundscraper has a track record of successfully processing over $300,000,000 of transactions in the last 2 years.


The above is intended as a summary only. For a comprehensive understanding, including risk factors and connected party disclosures, you must consult the OM, a copy of which is available, along with collateral documents, on Fundscraper’s website. In fact, to read more about Fundscraper, its current offerings, client list, team, past performance and how to become a Registered User free of cost, visit our “Education Centre”.

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