Become a Notable Investor

Benefits of Becoming a Notable Investor

Notable Investors are able to build upon their social standing amongst the real estate investing community and garner greater exposure for their investments, strategies, and overall investment approach.

Ideal background: Professionally accomplished, likely held or holds senior positions in the corporate environment, open about their public profile because they have already achieved a level of professional achievement to back their status in the corporate / investment community.

User criteria: Proven investment experience of at least 10 years, actively invests in the projects listed on the Fundscraper platform to create alignment with other investor-members by having skin in the game, personal investing experience of at least $1,000,000, or developed a follower base exceeding 100 followers.

Notable Investors must also pass all conflicts tests or disclose all potential conflicts with real estate sponsor companies for which they may have investments with. Notable Investors are not incentivized on a project basis and should not apply to be considered a Notable Investor for such reason.

Other professional accomplishments can include being considered an industry leader (through published research papers or news articles, interviews by the press, or simply widely known in the industry), proven managers of real estate (through companies that have at least $50M in AUM or $100M in development projects), being professionally accomplished (achieved at least a Director or Vice-President level management position within the company they work at, worked for, and/or hold industry designations or awards).