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Growing Your Own Wealth And That Of Your Clients With Real Estate Investing

by John J. Pizale, BSc, JD*


First, a bit of the history of Accounting – one that is thousands of years old. Its ancient roots go back to Mesopotamia and weave through societies in India, Egypt, the Roman Empire, the countries of the United Kingdom, America and on and on.

Early Accounting emerged from bartering and trade and was essentially a bookkeeping exercise. In the 15th Century Venice was a major centre of trade and commerce and it was there that the mathematician monk, Luca Pacioli, did the spade work for modern Accounting. His treatise, while not an invention in itself, was a digest of scholarly work to that time and which laid the footings for today’s methods of recording financial data and ultimately the birth of a proud profession.

Through the era of colonialism, with the development of creatures called corporations and today’s global world of free and open markets, Accounting Professionals continue to be indispensable. They are the successors and gatekeepers to long tested and honourable traditions.


Members of the Accounting Profession occupy a unique and well deserved respected place in Western Society’s business community. Enviably, they are regarded as knowledgeable and trustworthy in all things financial.

Your clients invariably rely on you for tax, insurance, estate planning and business advice. You mostly deal with people with sufficient assets and their tax returns are invariably a good place to start. Issues of corporate structure, family succession, tax drag, dividends and profits (never losses!) are some of the everyday topics you face in advising your individual clients.

Not to be forgotten, is the role Accounting Professionals play as investment advisors. Unlike some wealth managers, you do not earn commissions and have the advantage of dispensing independent counsel.

All in all, when it comes to financial affairs, Accounting Professionals are the quintessential confidantes.


Most Accounting Professionals have more than a rudimentary understanding of the intricacies of the real estate industry.

So this paper is not intended to cover what for most of you are redundant subjects.

Suffice it to say:

  • Real Estate is a hard permanent asset – you can kick it;
  • The financial details of the proposed deal, including principal amount, yield, duration and other salient features and conditions;
  • Diversification of your portfolio with direct Real Estate investing will balance out the vagaries and unpredictable fluctuations in public securities markets;
  • Real Estate can provide a regular fixed income steam over a set time frame; and
  • Direct Real Estate Investing will pay off in the long term and at the same time maintain a high level of safety.

For more in depth analyses of Real Estate Investing, Fundscraper’s Executive Vice President and Legal Counsel, Gregory Colford, has written a first class paper which you can read through Fundscraper’s Education Centre. That’s where you will also find an array of articles that will no doubt be of great interest to you, your colleagues, friends, family and clients.


Recognizing the intersection between the two disciplines of Accounting and Financial Planning, Accounting Professionals are ideally positioned to quarterback the entire investment playbook for themselves and their clients; including liaison with other experts i.e. bankers, asset managers, stock brokers and lawyers.

You all know about the golden rules of Accounting, those Generally, Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”) which form the cornerstones of the authoritative standards by which Accounting Professionals conduct their affairs.

Let’s add a new one – Help create wealth by advising clients to invest in Real Estate!


Accounting Professionals are skilled with numbers, but remember the arithmetic often tells only part of the story. Strategic investing requires more and that’s where Fundscraper comes in. As the late famed American broadcaster, Paul Harvey, might say – Fundscraper will tell you the “rest of the story”. And so let Fundscraper help you and your clients get wealthy with prime attractive real estate investments.

Please visit Fundscraper’s website at for the full story.

In the meantime, consider the following:

  • Fundscraper opens up private opportunities for qualified investors not typically available to the vast majority of investors;
  • With Fundscraper you will be in capable and trustworthy hands. It is an Exempt Market Dealer and registered Mortgage Broker strictly regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”) and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (“FSRA”);
  • Fundscraper uses cutting edge technology to facilitate online direct Real Estate Investing;
  • Fundscraper’s team is comprised of experienced experts in all facets of its business, who underwrite the deals to the same level of care and sophistication of institutional investors; and
  • You and your clients make informed decisions and Fundscraper does the heavy lifting. A real concierge desk will help Fundscraper users at every step of the way.


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Gregory Colford
John J. Pizale


John is a member of the Law Society of Ontario. He was the President of a major Canadian real estate developer and a Managing Partner of a prominent Toronto based law firm. He also served a term as a Member of the Board of Trustees of a $1 Billion Canadian pension fund and is a former Principal of a leading private media and internet company. As Fundscraper’s General Counsel and a Member of its Credit Committee, John provides general legal and strategic business advice related to everyday operations and corporate growth.