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We raise capital faster, cheaper, and better than traditional offline methods.

Unlike traditional methods, our innovative platform removes the expensive overhead found in typical offline capital raising processes. Our flexible and competitive financing solutions allows you to free up capital for your future projects faster, more affordable, and better.

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Build Relationships That Matter

Tap into our exclusive investor base through the Scraper™ Network.

We manage all investor relationships through our innovative platform freeing up your time to focus on your projects. You invest in us. We invest in you.

Relax. We Got This.

Relax. We Got This.

No more administrative burdens related to capital raising.

We manage all investor reporting, deal logistics, investment paperwork, and pre/post transaction servicing.

With You In Mind.

With You In Mind.

Canada’s real estate capital marketplace & funding platform.

Enjoy peace of mind while reducing your average cost of capital and increasing overall project returns with faster access to funds.

Fund up to 85% of your project’s cost

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Fundscraper aims to replace the inefficient portions of a project’s capital structure – usually the most expensive, difficult to obtain, and time consuming for sponsor companies to source.

Fundscraper offers a diverse range of financing solutions for both debt and equity capital. The result is:

  • Optimal leverage;
  • Lower average cost of capital;
  • A single source for your capital needs

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Financing Options

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Equity Capital
Equity Return: 15%+
Duration: Medium to long term, 36-60 months
Capital Raise: $1.5-$50 million
Fees: 3-5%
Loan-to-Value: Up to 85%
Debt Capital
(mezzanine, bridge financing, 1st or 2nd mortgage)
Equity Return: 7-16%
Duration: Short to long term, 6-60 months
Capital Raise: $0.25-20 million
Fees: 3-5%
Loan-to-Value: Up to 85%