How do I invest or complete an investment?

Watch our how to video below:

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  1. Once you’ve decided on an investment opportunity, click the orange “Invest” button in the top-right hand of the product offering page.
  2. To start an order, input the number of units to generate your total investment.
  3. Select if you will invest as an individual or through an investment entity. Instructions on how to add a corporate or trust entity can be found here.
  4. Select if you are using registered or non-registered funds. If you are investing with registered funds, be aware that Canadian Tax regulations require investors to use registered funds processed through a trust company designated by the issuer. You will not be able to use funds domiciled with another financial institution.
  5. If you have a company with the trust company, indicate your account number under the Investor Information section.
  6. Select whether you’d like to automatically reinvest the cash dividends into the investment.
  7. Select whether you will be making the investment jointly with another investor. Once you add a joint subscriber once, you will not need to add their information from scratch for subsequent orders.

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