How-to Invest or complete an investment

To order / subscribe online and digitally sign the investment documents

  1. Please click ‘Invest’ (top right button).

  2. Once you are taken to the order screen, enter the number of units you would like to subscribe for.

  3. Select Form of ownership, if investing as Individual or through a Corporate Account. If you haven’t set up one, click here to see the instructions on how to create one.

  4. If investing as an Individual, select the account type (Non-Registered, RRSP, TFSA, etc)

  5. Click ‘Confirm’ at the bottom

  6. Click ‘Next Step’

  7. Select payment method (if a transferring from another institution for registered accounts, just select any of the methods to move forward)

  8. Click ‘Next Step’

  9. You will now be taken to sign the digital subscription agreement. Click ‘Review Documents’.

  10. While reviewing the documents in DocuSign, please click ‘Continue’ to start signing.

  11. Click ‘Next’ or ‘finish’ to be taken to the next sections for review and signing.

    NOTE: If you are subscribing with registered funds, please let me know which institution has the funds.
    NOTE: If you intend on subscribing jointly, you can add your spouse’s name in the joint subscriber section on the first page of the subscription agreement

  12. Click the ’Sign’ box and then click ‘Finish’ on the to right.

  13. Please submit your order at the end and obtain the order number before exiting out of the screen. By Clicking ‘Purchase Investment’.

  14. At the end you will receive your ‘Purchase Number’ confirmation.

If you encounter any trouble, please do not hesitate to call either of the below representatives so we can assist you:

Terence Cheng

Neekey Totonchian

Fundscraper Capital Inc.

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