How-to set up a Corporate Entity

  1. To set up a corporate entity, please log back into your individual account here:

  2. Scroll to the top, hover over your name, click on the drop down, click ‘Profile’.

  3. On the next screen, on the left hand side menu, click ‘Investment Accounts’.

  4. On the screen, click ‘Add Investment Account’.

  5. Select ‘Corporation Account’,

  6. On the form that shows up on the screen, please fill in the KYC information from the perspective of the corporate entity.

    Please note that any shareholder with more than 25% ownership will be required to complete an individual KYC as well.

Information to have on hand during the corporate KYC completion process:

  • Business number
  • Incorporation date

If you encounter any trouble, please do not hesitate to call either of the below representatives so we can assist you:

Terence Cheng

Neekey Totonchian

Fundscraper Capital Inc.

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