We are here for you

To the Fundscraper Family,

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we felt it imperative to reach out to all our valued Registered Users, Clients and Friends.
Unfortunately, we all find ourselves in turbulent and uncertain times – something few expected or prepared for. That being said, it is important for you to know that Fundscraper remains fully operational and open for business. We continue to monitor and update Fundscraper’s preparedness and are taking proactive steps to adhere to all public health recommendations.

Currently, our team is primarily working from home, although our office is open. Our technology is designed to allow complete access to our network and all technological resources from anywhere from any device. You may expect service and customer support to persist at their usual high levels without interruption during these challenging times.

We’ve written before of the unexpected swings in publicly traded stocks. Our thinking is that Fundscraper’s concentration on direct real estate investing through its online cutting edge technology is one way to counter the swings and inject a small bit of stability in an otherwise unsettling market. Fundscraper’s approach to real estate investing remains consistent. We do not panic, instead, we consistently apply rigorous diligence and monitoring to the products offered on our platform and maintain the long term view that real estate investments are essential to truly diversify your portfolio. Throughout this period, though, we are in contact with our issuer clients and at this stage, we have not been advised of any extraordinary steps being taken by any issuers that may impact return expectations of investors.

When you have time and want to understand management’s perspectives on investing in real estate, I encourage you to visit our education centre: https://www.fundscraper.com/education-centre.

It might be the calm to help you carry on! Be safe; stay well.

All the best,


Luan Ha
Fundscraper CEO

March 20, 2020