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Attractive Projected Returns That Outperform Mutual Funds

Fundscraper Property Trust Mortgage Pools are designed to provide stable monthly income, with minimal volatility.

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We’re making mortgage investing more accessible and easier than ever.

Fundscraper Property Trust is an investment vehicle that uses a pool of capital to issue private mortgages, collects monthly interest, and passes that to you – the investor – as monthly income.

With low upfront fees, a digitized investment platform and targeted returns of 7-12%, we protect our clients’ investments with an asset class that historically experiences less volatility than the stock market.

Find the right pool for you.

Spend less time and effort to gain broader diversification.

We offer different secured mortgage asset pools that, while they are not guaranteed or insured, are reflective of risk tolerance and suitable for registered user’s goals.

First Mortgage Pool

Target Portfolio Net Annual Return:
7.0 – 8.0%

This pool offers conservative risk and minimizes volatility by investing in first mortgages registered against well located properties in Southern Ontario and by capping its loan-to-value ratio at 70%. RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA eligible.

Balanced Pool

Target Portfolio Net Annual Return:
8.0 – 9.0%

This balanced pool offers moderate risk and volatility by investing in a blend of first and second mortgages registered against well located properties in Southern Ontario while capping its loan-to-value ratio at 75%. RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA eligible.

High Yield Pool

Target Portfolio Net Annual Return:
10.0 – 11.0%

This more aggressive pool invests primarily in second mortgages registered against well located properties in Southern Ontario with a maximum loan to value ratio of 85%. RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA eligible.

Single Asset
Mortgage Pools

Target Portfolio Net Annual Return:
7.0 – 11.0%

Enjoy being more hands on? If you’re interested in building your own real estate portfolio deal by deal, we offer opportunities to make an equity investment into single family residential properties in Southern Ontario with loan to value ranging from 70% – 85%.

Is Your Portfolio Missing This Preferred Asset Class of the Wealthy?

For over 30 years, real estate backed investments has out performed the stock market by a significant margin with less daily volatility. Diversify away from the stock market’s roller coaster ride and grow value with real estate.

Unlock High Growth Potential

Historically, investing in private real estate provides more lucrative returns than the public markets. According to Bloomberg, if you had $100,000 on December 31st, 2000, by December 31st, 2019, you would have had:

  • $420,000 if you invested in private real estate
  • $356,000 if you had invested in the S&P 500*

With returns like these, no wonder Yale’s endowment (considered the gold standard for its exceptional performance) aims to allocate 20% of its investment portfolio in real estate!

Enjoy Powerful Technology with Human Touch

Transparency is at the core of Fundscraper’s business, guiding how we built its platform and how we interact with you, the investor. With our cutting edge technology, we deliver an investment process that is easy to use, secure and transparent.

We help you make informed decisions and build a portfolio that allows you to achieve your investment goals.

Our concierge service is on standby if you need any personal guidance to join the Fundscraper community.

Diversify Your Portfolio, Effortlessly

The public market’s cyclical nature can be nerve-racking. That’s why affluent investors tend to allocate up to 20% of the investment portfolios to alternative asset classes, such as these backed by real estate.

By investing in an asset class that has a low correlation to the stock market, you are able to rest easy knowing your livelihood is safe, even when markets are down.

With the Fundscraper Property Trust, you can begin diversifying your portfolio with the click of a button. With our fully digital platform, you get direct access to a multitude of institutional-quality opportunities designed to hedge risk and disperse your investment.

Backed by Decades of Experience

At Fundscraper, all offerings undergo a rigorous vetting, only selecting the cream-of-the-crop to include in our Trust. Unlike traditional mortgage lenders, Fundscraper uses a multitude of tools beyond just income and credit scores to evaluate a project.

As a team with over $5 billion of combined transaction experience, our clients benefit from industry-leading underwriting, informed by decades of commercial real estate experience.


Roehampton Ave.
Toronto, ON

Residential – Multi-Family
Property Type

Target Portfolio Net Return

Fund a first position mortgage registered against a multi-family residential unit in a core neighbourhood in midtown Toronto, Ontario. The investment exit strategy will likely be a refinance with a lender after 1 year.

Hemlock St.
Waterloo, ON

Residential – Multi-Family
Property Type

Target Portfolio Net Return

Hemlock St. is an investment opportunity to fund a first position mortgage registered against a multi-family residential unit in a developed neighbourhood in Waterloo, ON. It is located behind Wilfrid Laurier University’s Lazaridis School of Business’ building. The proceeds have been used for a home purchase. On review, the Borrower’s credit score is exceptional.

The Gore Rd.
Caledon, ON

Residential – Single-Family
Property Type

Target Portfolio Net Return

The Gore Rd is an opportunity to make an equity investment through Fundscraper Property Trust’s first mortgage financing pool in connection with a single family detached property in Caledon, Ontario. The Trust’s investment exit strategy today is a refinance with a lender after 1 year.

How it works

1. Invest through our fully digital platform.
Create an account, choose an investment, add to your portfolio and watch your money grow. We offer a free strategy session to help you get started. Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll build a plan together.

2. Diversify your portfolio, effortlessly.
Investors subscribe for units of our Unit Trust, Fundscraper Property Trust, which pools money. The Trust invests the money across well-priced, well-located residential first mortgages that we believe are well-positioned to thrive in any economic environment.

3. Stable monthly income straight to your account.
As mortgagees repay principal and interest to the Trust, the Trust passes on the payments to our investors in the form of distributions.

4. Track your progress and watch your wealth grow.
Read up on your investments with confidence. We aim to deliver an unmatched level of transparency and reporting through regular updates displayed within your investor dashboard.

Let’s build a better real estate portfolio together.

We offer a free strategy session to help you get started. Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll build a plan together.

Luan Ha
Luan Ha


Luan Ha, MBA, has 15+ years of experience in commercial and mixed use real property development. Formerly serving as the AVP, Development at RioCan Management Inc., Luan oversaw a $3 billion commercial mixed use project pipeline that spanned across all of Canada in a variety of real estate asset classes.

Gregory Colford

Principal Broker & Chief Compliance Officer

Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Principal Broker of FCI. Gregory was a partner at Heenan Blaikie LLP until September 2005. Together with two others he founded and operated a commercial mortgage brokerage that acted for a major pension fund investing in seniors housing until June of 2012. Following that Gregory worked with a national mortgage brokerage and a leading independent financial house to create funds to finance residential Alt A mortgage origination.

Terence Cheng

Vice-President, Operations

Terence Cheng, has 10+ years of real estate investing experience in both the Canadian and Asia Pacific markets. Formerly serving as a Development Analyst at RioCan REIT, Canada’s largest real estate investment trust, he managed a multi-million dollar national commercial development pipeline with projects ranging in size from 5,000 sq.ft. to over an aggregate of 1,500,000 sq.ft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a trust whose sole purpose is to invest in real estate for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the trust, namely you and each of the other investors!
  • We focus on lending only in key metropolitan areas in Ontario. We like to remain “close to home”. This allows us to visit our projects regularly and stay up to date on their progress. 
  • Fundscraper’s investment team brings diverse industry experience in real estate development, finance, private equity, law, and technology. As a member, you’ll get a direct line to us. We’ll help you invest in private real estate with confidence. Meet our team. 
  • The Fundscraper management team has a proven track record of generating consistent premium returns to our investors with no investor losses to date. Our investors earned an average of 10% net annual return since our inception in 2017.
  • Since the private real estate market is riddled with lemons, the party with better and more comprehensive information on the real estate asset and the local market often wins. Hence, a thorough and rigorous underwriting process is a pivotal part of de-risking an investment, identifying the catalysts on an excellent value-add opportunity, and minimizing your chances that the asset within a pool will underperform expectations. Fundscraper underwriters have high standards. They ensure that every property within every pool in our virtual marketplace is worth your investment. 

We have a 1% portfolio management fee and interest rate spread (generally 200 basis points). The spread is the difference between the gross interest rate paid by the borrower and the interest rate earned by the investor.

We generally permit our investors to redeem at any time unless there are extraordinary circumstances that makes that impossible.

We discourage investors from redeeming early by charging a modest early termination fee – so, for example, if you redeem prior to the maturity date (or term) of your investment, we may in our discretion assess a charge of up to 5% for that early redemption, depending on how early you choose to redeem.

Fundscraper Trust lends money indirectly to many borrowers of different sizes and risk profiles. Fundscraper Trust then groups or “pools” mortgages that are similar.

You subscribe for units of the Trust. The Trust then takes your money and invests it, through a related vehicle, into mortgages. As borrowers repay those mortgages back to the Trust, the Trust passes on the payments to you!

You are looking first for safety. How safe you want to be will determine what kind of mortgage pool you will eventually invest in.

Secondly, you are looking for “return” – how much interest you want to earn back on your investment will have to to be weighed against how secure you want to be. Third, you want transparency.

You want to know clearly and simply what it is you are investing in and what you may reasonably expect in the form of return. No other platform delivers this better than Fundscraper.