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We’re Making Investing In Real Estate Debt More Accessible
and Easier Than Ever

Fundscraper Property Trust offers Canadian’s the opportunity to invest in pooled mortgages through its unique limited partnership vehicle.

With low upfront fees, a digitized investment platform and targeted returns of 6-12%, we protect our clients’ investments with an asset class that historically experiences less volatility than the stock market.

Built Around Your Investment Goals

Spend less time and effort to gain broader diversification.

We offer different secured mortgage asset pools that, while they are not guaranteed or insured, are reflective of risk tolerance and suitable for registered user’s goals.



1st Mortgages






For investors seeking an income alternative to GICs and traditional savings accounts. Though not guaranteed or insured, this pool is supported by greater land collateral to secure its more competitive higher target return.

Limited Availability

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Blend of 1st and 2nd Mortgages






Invest and Forget
For investors who want a safe, reliable investment that will provide needed income to support an existing lifestyle or a retirement investment that will grow steadily over time with our Trust’s distribution reinvestment program

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2nd Mortgages






For those who can afford to take risk with their investment dollars but still want a measure of comfort that a secured mortgage investment provides.

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Is Your Portfolio Missing This Preferred Asset Class of the Wealthy?

For over 30 years, real estate backed investments has out performed the stock market by a significant margin with less daily volatility. Diversify away from the stock market’s roller coaster ride and grow value with real estate.

Unlock High Growth Potential

Historically, investing in private real estate provides more lucrative returns than the public markets. According to Bloomberg, if you had $100,000 on December 31st, 2000, by December 31st, 2019, you would have had:

  • $420,000 if you invested in private real estate
  • $356,000 if you had invested in the S&P 500*

With returns like these, no wonder Yale’s endowment (considered the gold standard for its exceptional performance) aims to allocate 20% of its investment portfolio in real estate!

Enjoy Powerful Technology with Human Touch

Transparency is at the core of Fundscraper’s business, guiding how we built its platform and how we interact with you, the investor. With our cutting edge technology, we deliver an investment process that is easy to use, secure and transparent.

We help you make informed decisions and build a portfolio that allows you to achieve your investment goals.

Our concierge service is on standby if you need any personal guidance to join the Fundscraper community.

Diversify Your Portfolio, Effortlessly

The public market’s cyclical nature can be nerve-racking. That’s why affluent investors tend to allocate up to 20% of the investment portfolios to alternative asset classes, such as these backed by real estate.

By investing in an asset class that has a low correlation to the stock market, you are able to rest easy knowing your livelihood is safe, even when markets are down.

With the Fundscraper Property Trust, you can begin diversifying your portfolio with the click of a button. With our fully digital platform, you get direct access to a multitude of institutional-quality opportunities designed to hedge risk and disperse your investment.

Backed by Decades of Experience

At Fundscraper, all offerings undergo a rigorous vetting, only selecting the cream-of-the-crop to include in our Trust. Unlike traditional mortgage lenders, Fundscraper uses a multitude of tools beyond just income and credit scores to evaluate a project.

As a team with over $5 billion of combined transaction experience, our clients benefit from industry-leading underwriting, informed by decades of commercial real estate experience.

Build Your Real Estate Portfolio In Minutes

Easily spread your capital across multiple investments by purchasing trust units in FPT
with an investment as low as $1,000.


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Simple, secure and quick.


Browse Opportunities.

Our offerings typically target an annual return of 6.0-11.0%+.


Earn Monthly Returns.

Earnings are deposited directly to your bank account.

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Our Performance


registered clients


in earned net annualized returns in
2019 for investors in
Fundscraper Property Partners LP


Over the last 3 years, our platform helped process over $300 million into projects across North America

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a trust whose sole purpose is to invest in real estate for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the trust, namely you and each of the other investors!

Fundscraper Trust lends money indirectly to many borrowers of different sizes and risk profiles. Fundscraper Trust then groups or “pools” mortgages that are similar.

We have a very conservative pool of mortgages where the investment return reflects the low risk nature of the pool.

We have an “adventuresome” pool that is a group of mortgages that would be considered riskier than a conservative pool – it provides an investor a higher rate of return that reflects that additional risk.

Then we have a pool that is a mix of the two – that pool has a little bit of each.

We have a 1% portfolio management fee and interest rate spread (generally 200 basis points). The spread is the difference between the gross interest rate paid by the borrower and the interest rate earned by the investor.

You subscribe for units of the Trust. The Trust then takes your money and invests it, through a related vehicle, into mortgages. As borrowers repay those mortgages back to the Trust, the Trust passes on the payments to you!

You are looking first for safety. How safe you want to be will determine what kind of mortgage pool you will eventually invest in.

Secondly, you are looking for “return” – how much interest you want to earn back on your investment will have to to be weighed against how secure you want to be. Third, you want transparency.

You want to know clearly and simply what it is you are investing in and what you may reasonably expect in the form of return. No other platform delivers this better than Fundscraper.

We generally permit our investors to redeem at any time unless there are extraordinary circumstances that makes that impossible.

We discourage investors from redeeming early by charging a modest early termination fee – so, for example, if you redeem prior to the maturity date (or term) of your investment, we may in our discretion assess a charge of up to 5% for that early redemption, depending on how early you choose to redeem.

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