Do you guarantee any returns?

No. Fundscraper’s role is restricted to dealing or trading in the various investments posted on its platform. It is not an investment advisor, issuer or guarantor of the deal you choose. Fundscraper’s role is to facilitate your investment as a licensed exempt market dealer. Of our several duties, we have a duty to insure you are qualified to make the investment you desire and to assist in determining whether the investment is suitable for you. Though our team of experienced professionals work diligently to source the best projects sponsored by proven real estate owners, managers, and property developers, there are risks present in every transaction. We provide a summary of the risk factors for each deal we host on our site and for a general overview of risk factors generally when investing in real estate we recommend you read the offering memorandum of Fundscraper Property Trust available on this site. An illustrative example of how investors earn an annualized net return is provided below.

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