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The Modern Playbook for Super Successful Real Estate Investing

by John J. Pizale, BSc, JD*

Luan Ha, MBA, is one of North America’s leading real estate experts and has recently shared some valuable insights on how wisely to put your money to work using the world’s oldest commodity – DIRT.

In feudal times and for ages thereafter the only method of conveying land was by the gesture of actually handing over a piece of dirt or the landscape to the new owner. Of course, now we convey property by registered deeds and mortgages. Yet, despite the obsolescence of the old ways, the notion of the intrinsic permanent value of real estate remains deeply embedded in our collective psyche.

Luan who is the founder and CEO of Fundscraper, recently authored “The Modern Playbook for Super Successful Real Estate Investing.” He writes in a metaphorical style drawing comparisons to the sport of Professional Football with its on field success rooted in scouting, leadership and expert play calling. This is a MUST READ and can be seen here:

The key and driving message in Luan’s piece is that a good playbook is the secret of success, whether in sports or business. He promotes a “how to” game plan to find success and invest in sure fire real estate opportunities.

Luan methodically describes the background homework behind his playbook. He convincingly explains why you should diversify into direct real estate investing. With some characteristic levity, he explores the “Tips and Quotes” of some industry icons.

Very informative is Luan’s “Profiles of Best Investors” – the big players, banks, institutions, wealthy families, pensions and the like. Piggyback onto their investing paradigms and for instance learn more about the famous 20% Rule practised by the Yale University Endowment Fund.

At the heart of Luan’s Article is the actual “Playbook – The 9 Best “Go To” Plays.

He explains in an easy to read style the ins and outs of the Playbook.

Luan methodically describes the background homework behind his playbook.

  1. Do your Due Diligence – from creating a checklist, to relying on experts to make sure the “story” makes common sense;
  2. Determine the Location Works – all the factors to bear in mind;
  3. Assess the Fundamentals of Supply and Demand – key things to remember;
  4. Understand the Zoning – useful rules of thumb;
  5. Consider Debt as an Investment Vehicle – important considerations;
  6. Carefully Analyze the Debt Leverage of the Project – a double edged sword;
  7. Figure Out Your Real Estate Investment Style – match your risk appetite, liquidity, expectations and return objectives to the deal;
  8. Maximize Your Exit Options – more are better; and
  9. Avoid Mistakes – automatic if you follow the first 8 Go To Plays

In the end, Luan is convinced his Playbook will give you a leg up in making real estate decisions. At the same time, he recognizes that not all of you will have the time or skill set to quarterback the Playbook.

That’s where Fundscraper comes into play. It is on the leading edge of technology and government compliance. It is registered with and regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission and also falls within the jurisdiction of Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

So let Fundscraper do the heavy lifting for you, but at the same time leave it to you to decide which direct real estate investments are for you. To quote Luan, “Go for the touchdown and pass the ball to Fundscraper.”

Again, I strongly urge you to read Luan’s full Article here.



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John J. Pizale


John is a member of the Law Society of Ontario. He was the President of a major Canadian real estate developer and a Managing Partner of a prominent Toronto based law firm. He also served a term as a Member of the Board of Trustees of a $1 Billion Canadian pension fund and is a former Principal of a leading private media and internet company. As Fundscraper’s General Counsel and a Member of its Credit Committee, John provides general legal and strategic business advice related to everyday operations and corporate growth.