How to Invest in Private Real Estate Investment Vehicles Webinar

Rewatch a 20-min conversation about getting started in passive real estate investing and how you can take the step into building your portfolio. Luan Ha, CEO of Fundscraper, and other experts on our team will be discussing how to successfully invest in private real estate investment vehicles along with a Q+A session to answer any questions you may have.

Grab a coffee and join the conversation to put forward any questions or challenges you have.

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Fundscraper Property Trust – The Village at Thunderbird Webinar

During this Covid-19 period, Phoenix has become the number one growth market in the US for appreciated home prices. During this webinar, we learned from Sud Group, leaders in the multifamily investment space, why they see the Arizona market as the current and future growth story of our time.

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Earn Cash Flow & Build Wealth Through Real Estate with District REIT

Passive income real estate is known as one of the best ways to gain an additional source of revenue, attain security in retirement, and ultimately design a roadmap to achieving financial freedom.

However, passive income real estate investing is not necessarily the right fit for every investor. Would you like to take a more active role in real estate investing or a relatively passive role?

Learn all about passive income real estate, and see whether or not it sounds like a good fit for your investing personality type.

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Real Estate and Retirement Webinar

Are you not sure how long your retirement funds in your nest egg will last?

Retirement is a daunting prospect for many of us because we don’t know what our senior living expenses will amount to.

The benefit of investing in real estate during your senior years is that it may provide additional income from your retirement portfolio. Certain kinds of investments in real estate do generate income which can enjoy certain tax benefits.

Fundscraper Property Trust is an investment vehicle that allows Canadians to make equity investments into pooled mortgages. With a target return of 6-11% across our various pools, we harness the stable nature of real estate while providing the type of built-in diversification you would receive from a mutual fund, creating what we hope is an overall safer and simplified way to invest in real estate.

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The Modern Investor's Playbook
to Super Successful Investing

Become a master of real estate investing! This playbook has inside industry knowledge that you can use to help generate passive income! Discover tactics used by the savviest investors, how to diversify, maximize your returns and avoid mistakes. It’s everything you need to know to invest like a pro.

Start investing with Fundscraper today.